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A faith based rehab program does not leave what is effective about secular rehab drug and alcohol rehab. This type of rehabilitation center will use therapeutic treatment where appropriate as well as cognitive behavioral modification therapy peer group sessions and counseling it differs through the additional use of the scriptures and the power of God to heal the spiritual devastation caused by addiction.

Individuals entering a faith based rehab center may be physically and emotionally dependent on alcohol or drugs and these people will need to undergo a medically supervised phase of detoxification.

Christian Rehab Ohio embraces science of medicine and uses all tools to see an addict through this difficult intermediary period as humanely and safety as possible. The detoxification process is the initial step on the road to recovery and in faith based rehab individuals will be monitored and prescribed any medications possible to alleviate their suffering. Spiritual healing begins only when physical dependence has ended with detoxification.

The philosophy behind faith based rehab is that traditional methods of rehabilitation are worthy and necessary part of the process to recovery. But although they are necessary and effective they alone do not offer the drug and alcoholic addict enough. As such a faith based rehab program will share many procedural similarities with a new conventional rehabilitation program.

When looking for a Christian Rehab in Ohio you should look for the following programs:

  • Educational programs

Education is part of all faith based rehab programs and it is important that an addict understand dependency what happens to the human body during dependency stage and how to avoid future dependency. All traditional rehab centers emphasize educational seminars that offer strength and knowledge to the addict and faith based rehab programs are no exception. Knowledge and education empowers the addict and prevents relapse.

  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy

Faith based rehab increases the chance of a successful reintegration to society through cognitive strategies that is designed to change behaviors and lessen the probability of relapse. This cognitive and behavioral therapy roots out the triggers that leads to abuse teaches required life skills to avoid these situations calls for personal accountability and responsibility when getting into risky situations and teaches coping strategies for when confronted with triggers to use. Cognitive and behavioral therapy gives an addicted individual the skill set needed to stay alcohol and drug free over the long-term by lessening temptation.

  • Individual Therapy

Christian Rehab Ohio offers counseling with a spiritual advisor who will also be an addiction psychologist or specialist. A private therapy session helps the drug and alcohol addict to understand why they’ve acted as they have and how to use God’s prayers faith and love on the road to recovery. Individual counseling helps an addict give up their will to God and learn how to use Christ strength as their strength. Individual therapy helps to mend a broken spirit while also giving the skills and tools needed to take God into their heart and how to use Christ loved in everyday life for healthy and alcohol or drug living. Individual therapy emphasizes that addicts have the choice to live a wonderful new life under god without alcohol or drugs and teaches them how to do this. Individual therapy sessions will take place as often as is needed.

  • Peer Group Therapy

Peer group therapy sessions between drug or alcohol addicts are very effective and can persuade a dependent person with the knowledge that their confidential torments are in fact shared by others and also through the companionship of other people facing the same private struggles as they are. Peer Group therapy calls for soul searching on the spiritual void that led to the initial alcohol or drug abuse and through fellowship drug and alcohol addicts learn how to use God’s strength and love to maintain a resolve to lived good Christian alcohol and drug free lives.

  • Family involvement

Faith based rehab emphasizes the family element of recovery. The loved ones and immediate family of the addict will be called upon to participate in the process through educational seminars and group sessions. The Individual recovery process recognizes the supportive strength of a loving friends family and church community. Faith based rehab works to heal the family together and thus give the addict the strength and family support they need to help them live a better life in the eyes of Christ and for family.

Christian Rehab Ohio is proven to be the most effective option in treating alcohol abuse individual and drug addicts. In treating addicts therapies and remedies fall short. Spiritual support Bible studying plus intent caring are needed to supplement the speedy recovery of the victim.

Both drugs and alcohol addiction have negative effects on victims and it may provoke violence. As mentioned above spiritual support is needed to heal the person’s psychological illness. Both dangerous drugs and alcohol also have detrimental effects to individuals. They may cause serious damages and illness to body organs. Faith based rehab center can help in the restoration of body organs if it is not yet too late.